Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Finding Inspiration....again

I wrote a similar post on a now defunct blog and thought I'd revamp the thoughts about finding inspiration to write again. It is no secret to those of you who know me that I have struggled for a few years to write. My lackluster desire to write was disheartening, and in many ways I felt as though a huge part of my creativity had died. I had so much trouble finding inspiration, I feared the longer my writer’s block continued, the harder it would be to put my thoughts on paper again. So here I am, happy to report I’m writing again.

What was the catalyst to get my creative mojo back?  Probably had a lot to do with quitting my soul sucking job and moving to Ireland.  And while the future is a bit uncertain as my family and I settle into our new life, I know we’ve made the right decision, whatever comes our way.

So, now that I’m working on my second book again, I’ve been musing about what inspires an author to write, or for that matter an artist to paint, or a musician to compose.  During my long walks around my new home in Ireland I'm awestruck by the beautiful landscape and heritage surrounding me.  Not only by the breathtaking natural beauty of Ireland’s western shores I now call home, but everywhere you turn there are countless historical sites and old ruins to explore.

When looking at the many castle sites or derelict dwellings that dot the countryside, I cannot help but imagine what life must have been like for the former inhabitants. What were the sounds, sights, and smells - good or bad? What would a day entail for the lady of the house or servant girl, a stableman or farmer? What were their hopes and aspirations? How did the Lord of the castle protect his holdings during a siege? Was he a kind master, or cruel?  Whatever their stories, I’m humbled and grateful to be able to draw inspiration from them.

Perhaps it seems drastic that I had to leave my former life behind and begin a new one far away to rekindle my creativity, but I'm looking forward to the adventure and thrilled to be writing again.