Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Balancing Act…

So yeah, I started working a day job again about two months ago, hence the long hiatus in blog posts.  I’d hope to keep up a post-a-month schedule, we’ll see how that works out.  Now for my balancing act.  

Work, or course, takes up an inordinate amount of time and energy from my personal and writing lives, but I’m determined to try and find a better balance than I did while living in the States.  My ‘before’ life had become a complete drain on my creativity (and my happiness), and I’m determined not to let that vicious cycle grab hold of me ever again.  And even though I’m writing slowly, I feel like I’m writing quality, and still excited about it.  So things I’m hoping to keep doing even though I’m back at a ‘real’ job are writing at least 1000 words a week, reading, and leisure time with my family.

To keep me in the right frame of mind, I’ve rediscovered historical romances.  That’s all I’d read for years, whether they be classics or of the bodice-ripper variety, I rarely read anything set in present day.  Then I was recommended a few contemporary romances by some friends which led me to others and before I knew I had left historicals in the dust – sad but true.  This I am certain didn’t help keep me excited about my own historical romance.  I’d forgotten how fun they can be.  Though, to be fair, some of them can be totally ridiculous by today’s sensibilities.  The funny thing I’ve realized most is that I kind of prefer the unconventional hero and heroines.  So many historicals are focused on the ‘ton’ while the ordinary folks are largely ignored.  However, there were far more commoners during the Regency than peers, and I’m sure they had their share of romance.  All of Jane Austen’s characters were ordinary people, yes many were wealthy, but most would be considered middle to lower class.  These are people we can all identify with, probably why her books are still so well loved today.

As for leisure time, I’m still working on that, but since moving to Ireland the hustle and bustle is gone from our daily lives.  One of my kids even commented on how much happier we all are now that we’ve gotten away from the rat race.  I do think that when we are together as a family we enjoy our time together far more than we used to.

And lastly my word count.  I am making steady progress, on average I'm writing a little over 1000 words per week. I’m nearing the 40,000 word mark and just about at the halfway point in the story.  Since picking up the story again six months ago I’d say I’ve written around 28,000 words…not too bad considering it had been nearly four years since I touched the manuscript.

Things are finally looking up for The Good Doctor, and I couldn’t be happier.